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Media/TV development in Soho

For media and TV development services, you can rely on Cascade Pictures Ltd, based in Soho, Central London.

Who are Casade Pictures?

We are a UK-based operation, that invests in the development of UK TV projects and feature films. We develop and package properties of the intellectual genre for film and television. These are for use and distribution in the domestic and international marketplace. 

We also source new talent through our talent initiative scheme. We engage writers who can develop original ideas for film and TV scripts.

Experienced management

Our experienced management has a track record of achieving success in many high profile films. We have access to the best talent and an array of materials in which we can invest.

A new development project advisory 'green lighting' board has also been formed. It is a combination of many experienced film makers and upcoming talent.

We will seek additional development funding from other bodies such as Media, BFI and other funding sources on the basis of individual projects. This will enable us to develop and strengthen the probability of the project going into production.
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For media/tv/film development, call Cascade Pictures Ltd in Soho, Central London, UK on 
07785 618 555

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