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The Writers’ Couch invites you to pitch your feature film projects! By adapting the standard development process to allow for new talent to enter, we’re able to offer writers from all walks of life the opportunity to further their screenwriting careers. Through the Writers’ Couch we hope to discover outstanding writing talent, develop long-term relationships and develop scripts into successful films.

The Cascade Media Development team – Mark Fisher, Cora Palfrey, Daniel Campos Pavoncelli and Kristin Irving – wish to uncover raw writing talent irrespective of an individual’s background.

All we request is that you have a completed feature-length screenplay for the project you wish to pitch; are over the age of 18; live in the UK; and do not have literary representation.

The submissions window is currently closed. Please check back for future updates or follow us on Twitter: @Writers_Couch. Please see the calendar for important dates.

This is not a competition. There are no entry fees or prizes.

Writers' Couch Overview (Download)

Stages of the process

  1. Please apply using the form below.

    Application form

    You’ll need to provide your contact details, brief information about your project, along with the first ten pages of your script. In addition, please download and read the terms and conditions. We’ll consider your application and get back to you after the current deadline.

  2. If we feel your project may be suitable for Cascade, you’ll be invited to pitch your idea to us at our London office (18 Broadwick Street, London W1F 8HS).

    Each pitch has been allocated a time slot of ten minutes, so best to prepare beforehand. We realize that it may be difficult for everybody to travel to London but we would really like to have that face-to-face contact with you!

  3. If we still believe your idea shows potential, we’ll request the full script and take the time to read it thoroughly.

    From here, we may decide we like your writing style but the story isn’t for us, in which case we’ll ask you to come back for an in-depth discussion about how we may be able to support you as a writer.

  4. If we have read the full script and the Writers’ Couch team agrees it has good potential, we will contact you to discuss the progress of your project (this may lead to an offer to option the script).

    If you have a feature-length script ready to pitch, please apply. We look forward to considering your project!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any other queries which are not answered on this website or would like some advice relating to the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us via the details below.

Via email writerscouch@cascademediadevelopment.com

Via our presence on social networking sites such as:

Facebook Writers' Couch on Twitter Cascade on Twitter

Writers' Couch

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the scheme’s requirements?
All applicants must be over the age of 18; a resident of the United Kingdom; and have completed a feature-length screenplay (between 80 and 140 pages in standard screenplay format) by the time of the pitch sessions. In addition, applicants must not have representation.
When is the next deadline and pitch day?
Deadlines occur monthly, as do the pitch days. For a list of upcoming dates please click here.
How many applications will you consider each month?
In order to manage this initiative effectively, we have put in place a limit of 150 applications per submission window. Once this limit has been reached, you won’t be able to submit an application until the following submission window opens.
Are there any entry fees?
No, this scheme is completely free to enter!
Are there any prizes?
This is not a competition – it's the closest scheme to the everyday development process we could create! Therefore, no prizes will be awarded. It is our intention to option projects which we believe compliment Cascade’s slate.
Do I need to bring anything with me on the pitch day?
You’ll only need proof of your identity in the form of a driver’s license or passport.
Is there disabled access to Cascade’s office?
Unfortunately not. If you require it, we will endeavour to arrange an alternative location for your pitch. Please state your requirements in the ‘Other Notes’ section of the application form.
I’m not available for this month’s pitch day. Can I still apply?
Please wait until the following month. We’re only available to hear your pitch on the stated dates. However, there is some flexibility as to when we can see you during that day. If you have a preferred time, please state this in your application.
How many times can I apply?
You can only apply once during each submission period. However, you may submit up to two applications each calendar year.
Do you accept applications from writing partnerships?
Yes. Writers may apply individually or as a writing partnership.
Do you accept TV scripts?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept TV pitches at the moment.
I’m not sure how to format my script. What do I do?
We don’t judge your script or writing ability on how well you format your script. There are recognised software applications available which are used within the industry.

Writers' Couch

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